A repository for quantitative information on the
          UK limbless population REFERRED for prosthetics treatment
i.e. people without limb(s) due to limb loss (amputation) or congenital absence (present at birth)
Dr Martin Twiste (Senior Lecturer)
School of Health and Society – University of Salford – UK
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replaced NASDAB
early 2010 following
its lack of funding

Salford manages
free of charge
for centres
LIMBLESS STATISTICS is managed by a Steering Group, chaired by Dr Martin Twiste, and consists of academic representatives from Salford.
Additional support comes from an Advisory Group consisting of representatives from the Information Services Division (ISD) Scotland; UK Prosthetics Service Centre Managers; and UK Rehabilitation Consultants; and all of their efforts are much appreciated.
Much appreciation also goes to Dr Jai Kulkarni (Manchester) who brought to Salford's attention the former NASDAB set-up's discontinuation.
THANK YOU to every contributor to LIMBLESS STATISTICS, including the Prosthetics Service Centres, Prosthetics Companies, and ISD Scotland.
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LIMBLESS STATISTICS reports ONLY on new UK referrals --- NOT on the whole UK limbless population
LIMBLESS STATISTICS reports on demographic & clinical quantitative, anonymised information, e.g. amputation cause / level
LIMBLESS STATISTICS replacement of NASDAB early 2010 has led to new Annual Reports in April 2013
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